A film that impresses with boldness, both narrative and aesthetic, without ever leaving aside the tension.

Gravity Torrent - The plot, at some point, comes to be simple. Three astronauts are in full space, performing external repairs on the Hubble telescope when they are surprised by a rain of debris resulting from the destruction of another satellite by a Russian missile. One of them dies, the other wobble in Earth orbit. Throughout this brief preamble is shown in a scene sequence plan that lasts about 20 minutes - something that does not sound strange to anyone who has seen Children of Men, the same director, replete with scenes in this style. This is an impressive opening, not only for the beauty of the images of the Earth from space but the ballet itself created with the camera to track the movements of the charismatic Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and anguished Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) in medium the apparent calm that becomes a real hell in a vacuum. And he’s just getting started.

As much as the look of Gravity is stunning, with camera rotations often used to emphasize the feeling of panic character Sandra, what draws the most attention in the film is the field director before such a challenge. It is thanks to the excellent visual and sound effects that this story could be told in this way, with about 90% of the scenes in full universe. However, more than a mere technical exercise, Alfonso Cuarón also offers a lesson in narrative from the point of view of the tension. There are several moments where the viewer is entranced by the display on the big screen, with a mixture of anxiety and curiosity about how this scene was done. Really impressive.

Gravity Torrent

The universe is hostile. Without oxygen, no sound in a vacuum, it does not offer the lowest condition for survival of human life if it is out of this blue planet called Earth. Brief visits the man in this harsh environment are always full of devices designed to ensure its existence, however they in many cases are far from comfortable. It was exactly this scenario in mind, the discomfort and the constant risk that director Alfonso Cuarón conceptualized gravity.

Amidst so many technical aspects, there is the beautiful work of the actors. George Clooney is the comic relief, the experienced astronaut who focuses on what should be done in the emotional aspect, while Sandra Bullock gives life to a character that has suffered a revelation in the chaos. Both make up their characters very well, bringing humanity to this bleak scenario. Noteworthy is also the brief symbolism implemented by Cuarón throughout the film, as the fetal position that Sandra takes on particular scene and the actual outcome of the story, in a clear allusion to their own humanity (and also an interesting counterpoint to the classic early 2001 - a Space Odyssey).

For all these reasons and many others that were not mentioned not to spoil the pleasure that is to follow the development of the story, Gravity is an excellent film that deserves to be seen in a theater very well equipped in relation to sound and image. The 3D further extends the sense of immersion experienced by astronauts in this universe, not only due to camera movements applied but also the vastness itself caused by the effect of depth of technology. Strong bet for the Oscars 2014.